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I’ve bought and returned a LOT of bags from Amazon whilst searching for my perfect small bag for dog walks – I’ve finally found it – the G4Free Unisex Cross Body bag at £13.59 from Amazon.

Walking bag review - G4free crossbody bag for dog walks
L-R – phone, tissues, purse, dog bowl, keys, 2x water bottles (1000ml, 500ml), dog harness, poo bags – all fit!

Whether I go for a 15minute walk, or hour or 2, I want a bag that’s comfortable, small, but big enough for my essentials.

My essentials include:

  • water bottle
  • keys
  • phone
  • small purse
  • tissues
  • dog poo bags
  • dog water bowl

It also needs to be easy to access – I don’t want to keep taking it off every time I want something, like a tissue (hay fever argh) or to get my phone to take a photo.

Quick access and accessible

This bag is perfect for quick access – whether you decide to carry it on your front, or back, it’s extremely quick and accessible to grab something or put something away.

Walking bag review perfect for dog walks - G4free unisex cross-body bag
my dogs water bowl is clipped to the site – the bag is very accessible so I’m able to quickly and easily put away the harness when needed

Watch my Youtube video for full review

Inside pockets and space

There is (surprisingly) several sections within the bag which helps when separating out your items.

The main compartment includes space for a large water bottle, plus includes a key strap, a zipped area, and a smaller area behind a flap.

There’s a front section, behind a zip you can see on my photo above – I use it to keep my phone, poo bags and tissues in for very quick access.

There’s also an additional water bottle holder to the side (to the left; shown below).

Small bag perfect for dog walking - my review
Inside the large section you have a key strap which is very handy

I’ve never used one before, but the key strap is very handy for finding my keys quickly. It sounds obvious but I’ve never seen the benefit before using this bag. The strap hangs down the side, so you can tuck it away instead of the keys hanging in the way.

Small bag perfect for dog walking - my review
Inside you have a main section, zipped part and another within a flap

The zipped area is useful for storing anything you want more secure, like a phone. The zip is very smooth & is easy to use. There is the main compartment plus another part behind a small flap (you can see it just below the zipped section).

Buy it for £13.59 on Amazon

I really would recommend this bag. I’ve even used it for my food shop!

Small bag review - G4free on Amazon

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