Shokz OpenFit Review after using for 2 months

I bought Shokz OpenFit for myself as a birthday present back in July, so I figured it was about time I did a thorough review of my thoughts, how I’m using them, and my suggestions if you’re not sure about purchasing.

First of all, they’re very unique headphones built with certain features, including:

  • DirectPitch technology – they aren’t bond conducting – but use this method for open-ear listening, which “addresses vibration and neckband issues”
  • Situational Awareness – The headphones are open-ear so they don’t block other sounds around you.

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Other benefits include:

  • Comfy over-ear design to hook around your ear, to stop them falling off. They don’t sit in your ear so there’s no feeling of claustrophobia others can give
  • Long battery life
  • Great call quality with a microphone
  • Sweat-resistant and resistant to ‘light rain’
  • Quick syncing – as soon as you put them on, they’re activated (doesn’t take a few seconds like others)

The target audience is outdoorsy people, which makes sense given the top features are situational awareness, sweat & light-rain resistance. I’ve been using them a lot inside too which I’ll detail below.

Shokz OpenFit Headphones review - what's included in the box
What’s included in the box – the headphones, charging case, outer case (with loop), charging cable and instructions
Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
Sleek and comfy, the hook goes behind your ear

What are they great for?

I’m using the OpenFit constantly. I keep them in my ears pretty much all day. I find them extremely comfy and forget they’re in most of the time. They’re synced with my mobile but can be quickly synced to my laptop if I need it. You can’t unfortunately sync them to 2 devices at the same time but it’s not too much drama to swap.

Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
Thumbs up to using the headphones during a workout – this is me indoor cycling plus having done skipping

They’re the best headphones I’ve ever used for calls. I haven’t tried with work calls on Teams yet.

The sound quality is excellent. They connect quickly, there’s no lag in putting them on. I listen to music with Spotify but also switch between social apps making it better so my husband doesn’t have to listen to my tiktoks. I sometimes just use one headphone which works well even if the other is put back into the charging box.

I use them for working out. I do a range of sports including boxing, indoor cycling, skipping, HIITs, weights, pilates and outdoor walking (plus running which I’ve mentioned below in the negatives). They stay on and don’t move. They’re also not dripping with sweat when I take them off after a workout, unlike other in-ear ones (sorry, TMI?).

I’ve also made some YouTube videos using them for sound – they pick up my voice clearly and never drop out.

Shokz OpenFit open-ear wireless Headphones review
I forget I have them in because they’re so comfy and don’t make me feel claustrophobic

Any negatives?

As mentioned above, you can’t sync to 2 devices at the same time. Although connecting them is quick and easy, it’s still a small annoyance especially when their other headphones can be synced to 2.

I’ve just started running and whilst the situational awareness is great, if there is wind, it does hinder it somewhat. If it’s windy when running, it means I have to turn my music up to hear it, reducing the feeling of situational awareness.

Similar to cooking, weirdly – if I’m frying food or have the air frier on – I have to turn the volume up high which I don’t like doing. As they aren’t in-ear, they don’t shut out outside noise. I know, I know – it’s obvious, but I hadn’t considered these scenarios. If I’m boxing or using weights, I can now hear everything – previously with my Samsung buds, even though I hated how uncomfortable they were, they’d tune out the noise. I didn’t consider this!

What are the touch actions like?

Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
The touch control instructions

I can’t get to grips with the touch actions yet. I don’t like the feeling of pressing into my ear, so I haven’t been using them. You can press forward or back to change the song, but (weirdly?) you can’t change the volume. You can also pause, but it takes 2 taps which I don’t like as I usually miss the part you have to press, so it takes more like 5 taps. I hated this about my old Samsung buds as tapping them was uncomfortable. That being said when I have used it to forward through a song, it works and takes probably 2 seconds to complete.

The Shokz OpenFit charging box and case

Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
Here is the charging box placed in the outer case. Lovely design and quality from both

I didn’t realise I’d get a case, so that was a happy surprise. It has a loop too making it easy to keep close on your wrist. The charging case is lovely to use and fits the headphones nicely. There’s a cute quiet ‘snap’ when you reattach both headphones and it highlights green or red to indicate charging.

Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
The outer case has a small flap pocket for the USB charging cable
Shokz OpenFit Headphones review
The headphones and the charging box – very easy to pick up and put back away

My personal choices

I’m a HSP – a highly sensitive person – anything noisy affects me. I’m super sensitive to noise and hate loud noises. I’ve always been obsessed with headphones. I’ve tried cheap £20 headphones from Amazon, and Samsung Buds (I sold mine to put the money towards these) and I use Bose over-ear for work calls (with Teams) which helps to cancel out noise when in the office.

I love these Shokz OpenFit headphones. As mentioned, I hadn’t considered using them to do noisy things won’t drown out the noise which is weird considering they aren’t in-ear, so it’s obvious! I don’t regret buying them and would recommend them.

I’m on the lookout for better headphones to use for work. My Bose ones need the volume tweaking for EACH CALL which is a nightmare – okay, more like a small, constant inconvenience but when you’re on 6 (minimum) calls per day, it gets a bit annoying. The OpenComm ones are tailored for this but just under £200. I’d rather go for the cheapest, but they’re for sports, so I’m not sure if the microphone would be any good. I’ll update this blog if I decide to buy any.

How much are Shokz OpenFit headphones?

I bought them from the UK Shokz website for £179 but I signed up for the newsletter that got me 10% off so in total I paid £161 + free delivery. You can also buy them from Amazon, John Lewis, Selfridges etc.

If I’m accepted as an affiliate, I might get a discount code so I’ll post that here. Stay tuned! Until then, do as mentioned above to get 10% off or wait until Amazon Prime Day to see if they’re on offer.

Are Shokz OpenFit waterproof?

No, but they are sweat and rain-resistant. So basically they give the go-ahead for wearing in light rain but nothing heavier, although I’ve seen blogs from others who have worn them in heavy rain with no problems. This is from the UK Shokz website:

OpenFit features IP54 water resistance and is designed with a double-layer waterproof steel mesh and gauze for additional protection and enhanced sound performance.7 During your sweatiest of workout sessions, keep enjoying your music or audiobook worry-free.

Are Shokz OpenFit headphones bone-conducting?

No, they aren’t. This is from the UK Shokz website:

OpenFit isn’t a bone conduction headphone. Shokz introduces DirectPitch™, a brand-new audio experience made for OpenFit. It allows for premium audio quality that perfectly balances bold highs, clear mids, and surging bass.

I haven’t tried the bone-conducting headphones so I can’t comment but I’m pleased with OpenFit for sound quality and comfort.

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BEIS Sport Sling Crossbody Bag in Beige – my full review

After buying the expandable backpack in September 2022, I’d been keeping my eye out for the sling to be available, as it’s currently out of stock everywhere.

Little did I know my eagle-eyed husband signed up to receive stock updates on, and managed to snag one in the days it was in stock.

It’s due to be £58 on the UK BEIS website. He bought it from for £58 but got a 10% discount code by signing up to the newsletter (£52). Fedex cost £7 so all in all, he paid £59.20.

What are the key selling points?

I’m listing below the gadgets on the bag that make it such a dream to use, but my favourites have to be the key loop (I can never find my keys in bags no matter the size) and the expandable hidden pocket to the side perfect for a water bottle of flask.

The key loop – always find your keys easily!

The key loop on other bags is hard and difficult to use. I always end up breaking a nail or hurting my finger, and being so frustrated I end up not even using the loop. The key loop on the BEIS is incredibly easy to use – it’s big, and a little soft making it bendy and really easy to hook/unhook your keys. It’s also in the main compartment too, ensuring there’s enough space for them as well as anything else you decide to add (such as a purse, phone).

Use my friends and fam link for money off –

Beis sports sling bag review in beige - key chain
The key chain is big and easy to use, as are the zips!

Big zips – easy to grab!

It sounds obvious, but I struggle with my other cross-body bags because the zips are so small – it takes more effort than it should to actually get into the bag. With the BEIS, the zips are big making getting in and out of the bag a breeze because you can find them easily!

Hidden expandable pocket – great for flasks/water bottles

The hidden water bottle pocket fits my flask in, but it’d also fit a taller bottle too. I personally have a flask that’s 345ml and a water bottle that’s 530ml and can use either in the pocket – the weight isn’t too much for my shoulder. As the strap is quite wide, it distributes the weight.

If you don’t need/want to use the pocket, it doubles as a hidden pocket at the side you can use to store flat things, such as credit cards or even a small phone. I use it for my flask, especially on walks and it’s comfy – the weight doesn’t move the bag around on my body; I don’t have to keep readjusting (something that gets on my nerves with other bags that have smaller straps).

Beis sports sling bag review in beige
The hidden pocket perfect for bringing on the outside for drinks
Beis sports sling bag review in beige

As you can see above, the hidden pocket can be used to hold a drink. In this picture, I’m using my husband’s Nespresso flask which holds 345ml.

Left or right side? You can have either!

I really like how it fits to my body. It almost curves around my side, hugging me making it easy to dip in and out of pockets. If you want to change the side it’s hanging on, it’s easy to do so by moving which side the strap is attached to.

Beis sports sling bag review in beige
There’s a clip on each underside, allowing you to change the left/right cross-body

Card holder – instead of taking a purse!

The card holder (3x slips) makes it so you don’t need to carry a purse. I personally use them to hold coffee sachets and cards when I go for a walk and need my debit card for a coffee! They aren’t difficult to use either, there’s space so you won’t need nails to prise the cards out.

Use my friends and fam link for money off –

I’m a bit lazy and never shut things properly – whether that’s cupboard doors, regular doors or my sock drawer. When the bag is hanging on my side because of the inner lining attaching to the sides, I don’t need to shut the pockets completely, making getting in and out SO MUCH quicker without the worry anything will fall out.

Pockets, pockets, pockets – I love pockets

The pockets, in particular the large pocket, opens all the way down both sides. Unlike other bags that only open an inch or two from the top, this makes it very easy to put items in but manoeuvre them around if you’ve got a lot to fit in.

Beis sports sling bag review in beige

The large inner pocket has a fabric feel, so you can put your sunglasses or your phone in the pocket without any worry it’ll get scratched. Such a simple but amazing idea – who wants to carry a big sunglasses case? I certainly don’t.

Beis sports sling bag review in beige

things about my new @Beis Travel sports sling crossbody bag that just make sense. for me it’s all about the water bottle pocket and key leash

♬ original sound – Genius – Genius
Here’s my Tiktok video explaining my favourite bits of the BEIS Sport Sling bag

When will you use it?

I’ve used it so far for:

  • dog walks
  • after-work food shop
  • nipping into town to sort errands
  • seeing friends

I’ll use it when I go on holiday, especially in the airport, as well as my BEIS expandable backpack, so I can easily grab my phone or cards instead of having to go into the big bag.

Use my friends and fam link for money off –

Got anything you DON’T like?

Hate to say it, but yeah – the colour! I like the colour, but when it’s next to the ‘beige’ BEIS expandable backpack, it’s a different colour. Not ideal if you want to wear them together and get the whole set (the suitcase is on my list!)

Beis sports sling bag review in beige

Where can I buy the sports sling?

My husband got the sports sling from and had it delivered to the UK, but there’s also a UK BEIS website version.

Use my friends and fam link for money off –

What’s your honest review?

I’ve been using it for a month now. I use it every time I go out, whether that’s to see friends, family, dog walks or downtown.

If I’m going shopping I take a tiny fold-up bag within the sling and use that if I buy anything. I know this seems a bit ridiculous but it saves carrying a larger bag if I then don’t buy anything to go in it. I also really love having stuff close to me, and I know where each thing is now inside the bags, so it’s easy to find anything. If I have a larger bag, it takes me ages to find anything!

• • •

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Small bag review – the best & most comfortable bag for dog walks – G4Free Unisex

I’ve bought and returned a LOT of bags from Amazon whilst searching for my perfect small bag for dog walks – I’ve finally found it – the G4Free Unisex Cross Body bag at £13.59 from Amazon.

Walking bag review - G4free crossbody bag for dog walks
L-R – phone, tissues, purse, dog bowl, keys, 2x water bottles (1000ml, 500ml), dog harness, poo bags – all fit!

Whether I go for a 15minute walk, or hour or 2, I want a bag that’s comfortable, small, but big enough for my essentials.

My essentials include:

  • water bottle
  • keys
  • phone
  • small purse
  • tissues
  • dog poo bags
  • dog water bowl

It also needs to be easy to access – I don’t want to keep taking it off every time I want something, like a tissue (hay fever argh) or to get my phone to take a photo.

Quick access and accessible

This bag is perfect for quick access – whether you decide to carry it on your front, or back, it’s extremely quick and accessible to grab something or put something away.

Walking bag review perfect for dog walks - G4free unisex cross-body bag
my dogs water bowl is clipped to the site – the bag is very accessible so I’m able to quickly and easily put away the harness when needed

Watch my Youtube video for full review

Inside pockets and space

There is (surprisingly) several sections within the bag which helps when separating out your items.

The main compartment includes space for a large water bottle, plus includes a key strap, a zipped area, and a smaller area behind a flap.

There’s a front section, behind a zip you can see on my photo above – I use it to keep my phone, poo bags and tissues in for very quick access.

There’s also an additional water bottle holder to the side (to the left; shown below).

Small bag perfect for dog walking - my review
Inside the large section you have a key strap which is very handy

I’ve never used one before, but the key strap is very handy for finding my keys quickly. It sounds obvious but I’ve never seen the benefit before using this bag. The strap hangs down the side, so you can tuck it away instead of the keys hanging in the way.

Small bag perfect for dog walking - my review
Inside you have a main section, zipped part and another within a flap

The zipped area is useful for storing anything you want more secure, like a phone. The zip is very smooth & is easy to use. There is the main compartment plus another part behind a small flap (you can see it just below the zipped section).

Buy it for £13.59 on Amazon

I really would recommend this bag. I’ve even used it for my food shop!

Small bag review - G4free on Amazon

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