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Best nootropic natural coffee | Brain focus, anxiety & calm with CBD, Ashwaganda – my review of London Nootropics Zen 

Hi, welcome to my beauty blog. I am Rachael, and this is my beauty blog Written by Rachael on  8 May 2023, edited: 24 June 2023

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After trying London Nooptropics earlier this year after seeing the 2 owners on Dragons Den, I’ve decided to review one of their coffees, ‘Zen’, which is described as:

Adaptogenic coffee with CBD & Ashwagandha for balancing effects, peace and feelings of calm.

Following on from a stressful time, I decided to focus on my health. One of the things I wanted to change was my coffee intake. I’ve started to feel more anxious after my morning coffee, even though I find the process of it the best part of my day and one I look forward to. I’ve started to feel it isn’t setting me up in the best way, as straight away it gets my heart pumping before I’ve even started work. I already feel stressed and on edge. So I decided to give London Nootropics ‘zen’ a go, as it’s meant to deliver a slight buzz but without the horrible tired feelings afterwards.

My usual coffee of choice is either nespresso pods, or Taylors ‘rich Italian’ ground coffee, so I’m pretty familiar with good quality (I don’t do instant!).

I bought London Nootropics sample box of 12, including 3 flavours, but for this article I’ll focus on the one that contains CBD, ashwaganda and is best for helping with anxiety, and helping with feelings of calm – called ‘Zen’.

london nootropics mushroom coffee review - zen cbd ashwaganda
london nootropics mushroom coffee review – zen cbd ashwaganda

See my other article here, where I review all 3 flavours, including Zen. If you decide to buy, get 10% off using my discount code at the bottom of this blog.

London Nootropics mushroom coffee zen review
London Nootropics mushroom coffee zen – you get quite a lot in 1 sachet

What does Zen coffee do?

This balancing and calming blend is designed to promote a sense of peace, combatting the effects of stress, tension and irritability. Feel alert, calm, focused and adapt to physical & mental stressors.

from London Nooptropics website

Unwind, chill and add some Zen to your day.Free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners. Just pure natural ingredients.

from London Nooptropics website

It comes in a single-use paper sachet, the perfect size for a large cuppa. I’ve had it with soya milk, full-fat ‘blue’ milk and currently oat – none of which have curdled or had any problems with mixing.

london nootropics mushroom coffee review - zen cbd ashwaganda
using oat milk with ‘zen’ – as part of my London Nootropics mushroom coffee review

Zen coffee contains Ashwaganda and CBD

Zen coffee contains both properties to help you with so many different things:

Ashwaganda – alleviate anxiety, enhance memory & cognition and help the body adapt to physical & mental stressors.

CBD – It’s high bioavailability means rapid absorption of its soothing nutrients, which are known for alleviating stress, anxiety and inflammation. Helping you feel alert, calm & focused.

Neither cause you to have a high buzz, then come down like normal coffee.

London Nootropics mushroom coffee zen review
London Nootropics mushroom coffee zen with oat milk

How much is the coffee?

You can buy a box for £15 (free delivery over £30). You can choose either a box of 12 ‘zen’ sachets or a mixed box of 12 (3 flavours, 4 sachets of each).

Get 10% off with the coupon code ahoy10 (add on basket page):

If you’re after calming effects, I’d personally get a box of 12 zen. Otherwise, I’d suggest trying the mixed box to see if you prefer one of the other flavours (grind/mojo – more info in my full review here).

My honest review after using for 6months+

My normal coffee has been completely replaced with London Nootropics coffee – even my first coffee in a morning, which is really important to me. The taste is lovely and isn’t too different from my usual coffee – nespresso pods or ground coffee (call me a snob, but I don’t do instant). It mixes well with soya or oat milk which is a major plus, as not all coffees do.

What I love most about it is how convenient it is – when I go to work, or visit friends/family, as I’m picky with drinks, I simply just take a sachet!

I now get the ‘big box’ that contains 60 sachets. It does me for a month, as I have 2 a day – it costs £60 but use my code below to get 15% off.

London nootropics coffee close up of the box - I buy the big box and get 60 sachets split into 3 flavours
London nootropics coffee close up of the box – I buy the big box and get 60 sachets split into 3 flavours

Discount codes!

Use my friends and fam code below to get 10% off (I get money off too, if you do this btw! 🙂 )

Get 10% off with the coupon code ahoy10 (add on basket page):

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