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My 2020 favourite vegan and cruelty-free beauty and makeup products

Hi, welcome to my beauty blog. I am Rachael, and this is my beauty blog Written by Rachael on  21 January 2020, edited: 21 July 2022

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I’ve made changes to my routine lately, due to previous lotions and potions running out. I like to try different things when I see lots of good reviews about them.

Here are my latest beauty favourites….

Sand and Sky Pink Clay

I got this last year as a pack which included the pink clay mask, exfoliating treatment and a free bag. It’s expensive in my opinion, but so worth it. I use both once a week. I use the mask on day 1, then the exfoliating treatment on day 2.

The mask comes with a little brush you use to apply all over your face. You leave on for 10 minutes, then remove. The mask changes from pink to white, and dries quite hard. It’s really easy to take off though. I use warm water and my Face Halo pad.

The mask:
“… deeply cleanses the skin. It purifies and tightens pores right before your eyes.” April 2019

It leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh. It makes my pores smaller and any spots are reduced in redness and size. I follow by moisturising.

The exfoliating treatment:

… is a powerful magnet, removing toxins, pollution and impurities from deep within the skin. The BFF of spot-prone complexions, it eliminates annoying shine and helps regulate oil production.* April 2019

It works by removing dead skin cells from your face, leaving a glow. It really does do this – after using my skin looks like I’ve got primer on. Really smooth and glowy.

You massage gently into your skin for 30 seconds, leave for 5 minutes (unless you have sensitive skin) then rinse off.

My advice if you are planning to buy this is go on their website, look around but leave without buying, then go to YouTube and look at anything. They will retarget you with advertisements, usually giving you money-off voucher codes. My husband did this and got 25% off from seeing an ad on Youtube.

Face Halo face wipes

I wrote about these when I used The Body Shop’s Camomile cleansing butter which I’ve stopped using on my face and just use on my eyes (it’s an oily formula which does nothing for my oily skin).

I wear waterproof mascara and these wipes get rid of every last smudge of makeup.

Have a look at my full Face Halo review to see how I wash it and when I replace them.

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