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My Top 10 Favourite Things About Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Foundation

Hi, welcome to my beauty blog. I am Rachael, and this is my beauty blog Written by Rachael on  4 June 2023, edited: 30 July 2023

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Imagine a foundation that not only flawlessly matches your skin tone but also delivers long-lasting coverage and a natural matte finish. EVEN on oily and acne-prone skin (like mine). I’ve tried and tested Il Makiage’s Woke Up Like This foundation so you don’t have to.

From its cruelty-free and vegan formula to its skin-friendly ingredients, here are my top 10 reasons why this foundation has earned a place in my makeup bag.

il Makiage woke up like this foundation skincare make up review
The left side shows just how much a few pumps manages to cover. My dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation are covered
  1. Lightweight and Buildable Coverage: This foundation has a lightweight texture that feels comfortable on my skin. It offers buildable coverage, which lets me customise the level of coverage I want, from light to medium or even heavy. I don’t normally go heavy but have done for nights out and it stays in place until I take it off (especially if I prep my skin with primer)
  2. Natural Matte Finish: I like the natural matte finish that Il Makiage Woke Up Like This foundation provides. It gives my skin a flawless, uniform look without looking overly matte or dry.
  3. Long-Lasting Formula: Even after wearing the foundation for 17+ hours (see below pics), it stayed in place and maintained its coverage. I no longer have to worry about my makeup fading or melting away throughout the day.
  4. Accurate Shade Matcher: The Shade Matcher tool called “PowerMatch” on the Il Makiage website is incredibly accurate. Answering a few questions helped me find my perfect shade (#35), and it turned out to be a spot-on recommendation.
  5. Suitable for Combination Skin: I have combination skin (and a very oily forehead) so I was worried it’d make my skin worse or flare up with acne. It didn’t exacerbate my oily areas or dry out the sensitive parts of my face. I wasn’t itching to get it off after a long day like I normally would be and it didn’t make my spots break out.
  6. Skin-Friendly Ingredients: Il Makiage Woke Up Like This foundation is enriched with Vitamin E for anti-aging benefits. It also includes hyaluronic acid for hydration, protection, and filling in wrinkles. These ingredients contribute to the overall health and appearance of my skin.
  7. Dewy, Yet Non-Greasy Finish: Despite having a matte finish, this foundation gives my skin a dewy glow without making it look greasy. It strikes the perfect balance, making my skin look fresh and radiant but not greasy.
  8. Resistant to Sweat and Workout: I was pleasantly surprised to find that this foundation stayed intact even after a sweaty workout. It didn’t clump, melt, or become patchy, maintaining its coverage and longevity.
  9. Cruelty-Free and Vegan: One of the top reasons I love Il Makiage Woke Up Like This foundation is that it is cruelty-free and vegan. I can feel good about using a product that aligns with my values.
  10. Excellent Customer Service: Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, the Il Makiage customer service team was prompt, polite, and helpful. Their dedication to customer satisfaction enhances my overall experience with the brand. I got in touch via their Facebook page.

How I use the foundation on Tiktok!


my full @IL MAKIAGE ‘woke up like this’ foundation make up routine. I’m shade 35 & was matched using their powermatch quiz #makeuproutine #ilmakiage #ilmakiagefoundation #ilmakiagereview

♬ ALMOST HOME – Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier
Here’s my Tiktok on how I use the foundation

My honest summary

In conclusion, Il Makiage Woke Up Like This foundation has become one of my favourite make-up products. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality foundation that is good for oily skin.

If you want to try it yourself, go through PowerMatch, the shade matcher. If you decide to return the foundation, you get a longer returns window if you go through PowerMatch so I’d suggest doing it! It only takes a few minutes.

How much is Woke Up Like This?

It’s £39. It’s free delivery over £50. Signing up for a delivery subscription every 4 months costs £35.10 so a 10% discount. Use the discount code welcome10 for 10% off.

Look at the Woke Up Like This foundation here or go straight and get your perfect shade with PowerMatch.

Il makiage review - using woke up like this foundation
Shade 35 – see below for how this looked after 17hrs
Il makiage woke up like this review - using woke up like this foundation
After a 17hr day including walking in the rain and sweating! My chin spots are visible but still not too obvious

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