Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels for undereye bags review

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I’ve been using Patchology Flash Patch eye gels for a while now. They are my morning go-to item for helping me feel and look more awake.

I suffer with undereye bags – the puffy kind. Even though I get enough sleep and don’t drink alcohol, I still wake up looking like a zombie (and a tired one at that). Before I found these Patchology patches, I tried EVERYTHING. Creams, serums, moisturisers, cold tea spoons, tea bags, cucumber – even haemorrhoid cream! Seriously, nothing worked.

I’ve considered surgery but I’m not willing to risk doing that for my sight.

So anyway, on one of my many musings around Instagram, I saw a celeb wearing eye patches and saying how ‘amazing they make me feel and look refreshed, and de-bagged’ so I googled it, and found Patchology.

Patchology eye patches - dark circles and puffiness - Ahoy Designs
Patchology comes with 30 pairs of eye patches and a little spoon to help separate them

What’s the price?

Between £40-£50

I know I know, pretty expensive. But these are your EYES, and it’s how it makes you feel. I’ve spent hundreds on shoes and bags, so what’s a few £’s towards something that’s on my FACE? My face is on show 100% of the time, so if I could spend a lot of money on a bag, why not on my face? (Yep… this is my – quite frankly – bloody brilliant justification to myself every month)

How do I use them?

The instructions say to leave them on for 5 minutes. I leave them on for about 15 minutes. I use them in a morning whilst getting ready for work. I wash my face, then pop them on. I keep them in the fridge too; that extra coldness helps to soothe and reduce the size of blood vessels – also helping reduce bags and dark circles.

I carry on about my business with them on; they don’t fall off. After 10 mins the serum has dried, so they are easily peeled off. I wipe my eyes with a wet wipe afterwards, just to remove any leftover serum. I then apply my potions (moisturisers, primier) and makeup, and away I go.

C’mon Rach – Do they work?

YES – absolutely.

They don’t reduce my puffiness – my bags aren’t water which is what these patches help mainly – but they make my eyes feel refreshed and awake. They make me FEEL much better and more confident about myself. I use them every day, and have done for over a year. Unless a magical fairy makes an appearance and waves her magical de-puffing wand, I’ll be using these forever.


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