Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask – T-Zone Pink Clay Mask- my honest review

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask is around £36 for 60g, so when I heard there is a much more affordable alternative, I jumped at the chance to buy.

T-Zone 125ml Pink Clay Mask is around £6. I got mine from Superdrug.

It’s also vegan and cruelty-free! Hurrah!

Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask - T-Zone Pink Clay Mask - the product
Cheap Alternative to Sand & Sky Clay Mask – T-Zone Pink Clay Mask | £6 gets you 125ml from Superdrug

What does it do for skin?

T-Zone Australian Pink Clay Mask with Kakadu Plum is enriched with brightening Kakadu Plum Extract and Vitamin C, hydrating Aloe, soothing Witch Hazel, skin clearing Rosemary, and nourishing Vitamins A & E, to…

from the Superdrug website

Pretty much the same as Sand and Sky, it’s meant to be used a few times a week to detoxify and brighten the skin. It goes on like a paste and you leave it on for 15 minutes whilst it turns white.

T Zone Pink Clay review - this is my face and it shows how it dries
T Zone Pink Clay review – I don’t put it on my dry areas. You can see it’s started to dry here, shown with the whiter patches (ends of nose; bottom part of chin)

How is it different to Sand and Sky?

Apart from the price of course mentioned above.

Personally I’d say you can feel the difference when you put it on your skin. T-Zone’s version doesn’t come with a brush so you need to use your fingers, which gets messy. Even after shaking the tub, the texture of the paste isn’t anywhere as thick as Sand and Sky and doesn’t have the same feel in luxury. It stayed on my face fine though and didn’t run.

T Zone Pink Clay review - this shows how runny it is
T Zone Pink Clay review – it’s pretty runny especially in comparison with its comparison, Sand and Sky
Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask comparison review
This is Sand & Sky which I’ve also tried – you can see just how much thicker the product is here. It feels more luxurious than T Zone. And it’s £36 for 60g, so a lot dearer.


I have combi-skin. I have an oily forehead and T zone, normal skin over my cheeks, and dry/sensitive skin to the sides of my nose. As you can see, I didn’t put the product on my sensitive bits.

Yes I’d buy it again. It clears my pores and they visibility look cleaned out, and my face looks smooth. My oily forehead is calmed for a few days.

Would I buy this cheaper option from T-Zone if money wasn’t an issue? Naaaah, I’d stick to Sand & Sky.

Check out my Sand and Sky blog here.

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Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Face Mask on my acne-prone oily skin- my honest review

I wanted to share my thoughts around this clay because it’s one of my staple products I’ve consistently used for years (although I only use a couple of times a month due to the price).

What does sand and sky pink clay mask do?

I bought it because I wanted something to help with my oily skin and to clear out all the rubbish accumulated throughout the day. I also wanted a mask to help (or at least not worsen) my acne.

  • Detoxifies and brightens the skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Great for clearing oiliness, congestion or pigmentation
  • Good for acne

This is exactly what S&S does. It detoxes skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving newer skin underneath which makes your skin look brighter. It also helps with acne by reducing inflammation.

A photo the benefits of Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask, including no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, no phthalates, no PEGS, no gluten and cruelty-free
from their website at the time of writing – confirmation on what the clay doesn’t include, plus the PETA stamp of approval
from their website at the time of writing – lots of goodies included in the clay
Analysis screenshot from showing a list of the ingredients and what they're good for (& not good for)
I use to checkout ingredients in products – it lists everything that might not be suitable (dry/oily skin)

I add ingredients from products into which then tells me what that product is good for, and what it’s bad for. As you can see, Sand & Sky Clay ticks lots of boxes, especially the ‘fungal acne’ one which is what I look out for because I suffer with this on my forehead. You’d be surprised at how many acne-fighting products include an ingredient which makes this worse.

How do you use the Sand and Sky clay mask?

You use it like a mask – spreading it thoroughly all over your face with the small brush that comes with it. This is the 60g tub – you’d need to check if it comes with the travel size (I’m not sure it does). Using your fingers is easy too, just a bit messy.

A photo Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask with brush
You get the small brush tool in with the price
A photo of my face whilst using Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask
it goes on shiny pink but within seconds it starts to dry a white colour

Within seconds of it being put on, it starts to dry. It feels really smooth and it’s thick too, so it feels very expensive and you feel hopeful it’s going to do wonders for your face.

A photo of my face whilst using Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask
excuse the ridiculous face – this is after a few minutes so as you can see, it’s starting to dry thoroughly
A photo of my face whilst using Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask
my large pores on my nose are visible – this is after around 10 minutes

Excuse the happy face followed by the sad face. I usually clean the bathroom whilst it’s drying hence looking fed-up!

As the pink clay dries, it turns white and tight on your skin. Not too tight it’s unpleasant though. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with cool water. I usually rinse it off in the shower to reduce any mess made but in the sink is easy enough too.

A photo of my face after using Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask
meh bad angle and not the clearest of pics, but as you can see, I’m happy with the result – pores have been completely cleaned out, and reduced in size

What does the clay mask do for skin?

I feel it cleans out the rubbish I’ve accumulated which my other products haven’t picked up.

  • My pores are clean
  • blackheads are gone
  • my skin feels fresh and smooth
  • any spots are reduced in size/redness
  • any oiliness is completely removed for a few days (yep, a few days).

I feel 1x or 2x a week is enough for this product, mainly due to the price but as it’s quite a deep clean, my skin might not like it – it’s not good to remove oils from your skin so often because oil is actually healthy for your skin (just not too much of it).

I’d thoroughly recommend this Sand and Sky pink clay mask. It’s a product I’ve used for years, even though it’s expensive (more on that below). I feel like it cleans my skin better than almost anything else.

Should you moisturise after pink clay mask?

Yes! Always after using masks, you need to moisturise afterwards to stop your skin becoming too dry.

Can I leave pink clay mask on overnight?

I personally wouldn’t – the Sand and Sky website says to leave it on for 10 minutes, so this is what I do. It might dry out or irritate skin if left on for too long.

How much does it cost?

It’s around £36.50 depending on where you look for a 60g pot. Several of the usuals have it: Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay. Personally I would visit the Sand & Sky website to see if they’ve got any sales on – at the time of writing this, they’ve got 25% off everything using the code ‘celebrate’.

Failing that, have a nosy around their website then visit YouTube, and a bunch of social media accounts – they might retarget you with an offer.

It’s expensive at £36 now £34 for 60g but worth it – make it last

Unlike the pics above to show what it looks like, I make it last by only putting it sparingly on the bits of my face that need it, such as my oily patches and not putting it on my dry bits (side of nose).

Using it once a week and you’ll get a good 4-6 months out of it. Pretty good going as an average if you ask me!

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