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Il Makiage Primer – No Filter Poreless Base Smoothing – my honest review

Hi, welcome to my beauty blog. I am Rachael, and this is my beauty blog Written by Rachael on  5 January 2022, edited: 23 October 2023

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I’ve never been one for primers – it’s just something else to add on my face which if you’ve read any other of my blogs, you’ll know I try to limit the number as much as possible. I’ve always thought they were a bit of a gimmick, but after reading the reviews I decided to put this to the test and see whether or not it makes my makeup last even longer than normal.

I’ve been super impressed with both the Il Makiage foundation and concealer recently, so I thought I’d give this a go, as it’s my favourite beauty brand at the moment.

Il Makiage Primer close up
Il Makiage primer on the right is a chunky fella
The Il Makiage one isn’t the standard shape. I kinda like it – it’s different but feels nice quality.

The bottle is chunky in comparison to my other primers. It’s not the usual shape of a primer either. It has a pump nozzle, so you press down and away you go. One pump does the whole of my face.

It’s not something you could take with you in your bag unless you’ve got a big bag!

Description from Il Makiage:

Our silky, weightless bestselling primer blurs pores, fine lines & wrinkles, instantly smooths skin & maximizes foundation wear time. The lightweight texture & silky formula creates a soft, long-lasting photoshopped effect. You’re welcome, overflowing social calendar.

Il Makiage F*ck Me I'm Flawless review - cruelty-free logo
Il Makiage “No filter” Primer is cruelty-free – hurrah!

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What do I want from a primer?

I want a primer to:

  • keep my makeup on for longer
  • make my makeup look better
  • not bring me out in spots
  • not make my oily T zone worse
  • smooth out/fill in pores

As with all primers, it goes on smooth and feels silky. I’m very particular about what I put on my skin, as it’s sensitive in places but mostly oily. Primer to me, is a definite ‘extra’ and one that isn’t always needed. If I know I want my makeup to last extra long (longer day at work for example) then I’ll definitely use a primer.

First up I’m sorry for these close-up photos. It’s the only way to show you before/after and how primer actually helps fill in the pores

Il Makiage Primer - close up of my face before applying
Close-up of my face before applying
Il Makiage primer - before and after photos
Il Makiage primer - my face after
It needs to dry here but you can see it’s filled in my pores, helping foundation stay on for longer and look smoother.

I didn’t have great light to show you BUT you can see the difference in my pores. The primer fills them and smoothes the skin. Once dry, you can then apply your foundation which looks better and stays on for longer.

I don’t use a primer if I’m not wearing foundation. I tend to wear foundation if I’m going to work, which is a 10hr+ day including several hours in a car. When I get home, the foundation doesn’t have the same coverage as the morning (understandable), but it still gives some coverage. When I use my FaceHalo make-up pad to remove the makeup, I can see the foundation coming off.

How does it blend and look throughout the day?

I’ve tested it with concealer (Il Makiage F*k I’m Flawless). Working from home, I just want my bags hidden rather than wearing a full face of make-up. I smoothed in the primer to just one side of my face where I plan to put concealer – around/under my eye bag area.

I’ve taken photos during the day, to see the difference in how it stayed. I finished eye makeup whilst waiting for it to dry/sink in as this takes 5-10mins 

I put this much primer on one side – all around my eye area

I’ve added the same amount of concealer to both sides, but instantly the primer side looks brighter and smoother.

Il Makiage primer - adding concealer after using primer
Putting concealer on after using the primer (& waiting for it to set)
Il Makiage primer - adding concealer after using primer
Both eyes with concealer – one with primer – taken just as I’d put it on

During the day you can see both sides look covered but there’s definitely more brightening on the primer side. It smoothes on so much easier with the primer and seems to mix/glide well over my skin.

Il Makiage primer - adding concealer after using primer - this is showing how my makeup looks mid-morning
Mid-morning concealer with primer
Il Makiage primer - adding concealer after using primer - this is showing how my makeup looks at lunchtime
Lunchtime concealer with primer
Il Makiage primer - adding concealer after using primer - this is showing how my makeup looks in the evening
In the evening – the eye that has primer has retained more concealer

By the end of the day, concealer is still visible on my eye with the primer. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never been a fan of using primer but judging by this, I’ll be using it from now on if I’m in for a long day.

Although it has faded, it’s faded evenly and hasn’t crusted around the sides of my eye which often happens. My eye bags cause me a lot of anguish, so I’m glad to have found this to help cover my darkness for as long as possible.

What’s the price?

It’s £36 (25ml), available from Il Makiage (10% discount at the bottom).

Primer Discounts

If you want to try it, buy it from Il Makiage for £36 (plus £4 postage unless you fill your boots and spend over £40).

Use code welcome10 for 10% off >

Other Il Makiage products worth mentioning

So far I’ve tried this primer, F*ck I’m Flawless concealer and Woke Up Like This foundation. I’m very impressed with all 3 products and would recommend them.

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