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How does Il Makiage Foundation Shade 35 look on a lighter skin tone – Before After photos and full review

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What are the shades available from Il Makiage and how do you pick the right one for you? I got matched to 035 after completing their tool called POWERMATCH. 035 is for lighter skin tones – I put it to the test on my acne-prone skin, dark circles, oily forehead and hyperpigmentation!

They have over 50 shades to choose from, and you can return it if you don’t like the colour within 30 or 60 days depending on whether you’ve used the quiz or not.

Il Makiage shade 35 foundation review

Get matched using their tool ‘powermatch’ or get your money back (they will literally refund you and by using the tool, you have longer to return)

If you aren’t sure (as I wasn’t) when I first purchased but their returns policy is amazing – try risk free and return it if you’re not happy. This gave me a lot of confidence I’ll get my money back if it’s the wrong shade (or if I just don’t like it) as it’s risky buying something like this online.

I personally never expect to get the right shade first time.

Il Makiage shade 35 powermatch foundation matcher
They have over 50 shades with skin tone and undertone as categories
This is how shade 35 looks on the Il Makiage website

Shade 35 is under the ‘light’ skin tone with ‘pink’ undertones. I don’t think this is accurate; I’m definitely more yellow than pink.

Shade 35. It’s a little light for me at the moment as we’ve had a summer of sun here in the UK – it’ll fade soon!
Close up – shade 35
Not the best lighting but the difference is clear (not sure why I didn’t go straight down the middle!) It covers hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dark circles, spots and redness – all without clogging pores

my full @IL MAKIAGE ‘woke up like this’ foundation make up routine. I’m shade 35 & was matched using their powermatch quiz #makeuproutine #ilmakiage #ilmakiagefoundation #ilmakiagereview

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Here’s how I apply the foundation and what the shade looks like in my Tiktok!

How much foundation do you need to use?

It’s buildable so you can either go for a light coverage (like I normally do – pictured above) or a heavier if you want that fuller coverage.

On the photo above, I’ve got 2 pumps on which doesn’t feel heavy. If I was to want to cover my blemishes and hyperpigmentation fully, I’d need more pumps but it still wouldn’t feel heavy on my skin. One of the reasons why I don’t often wear foundation is the weight of it and how it feels after a few hours of wearing foundation. I’ve got really oily skin so I always notice whenever I’ve got foundation on, but Il Makiage ‘woke up like this’ lasts all day and I’m not desperate to take it off at the end of the day.

The foundation is available here on Il Makiage’s website for £36. Use code ‘welcome10’ for 10% off!

Where can I buy it and how much is it?

Buy it from the Il Makiage website: The foundation is £36, my shade above is 35. You have to spend over £50 to get free delivery, otherwise it’s £3.95. Use the voucher code ‘welcome10’ to get 10% off 🙂 you’re welcome!

The concealer blending brush 140 is £29. The foundation blending brush is £38.

If you’re unsure on your foundation shade, use powermatch to help you find your shade – I used it and it was perfect (I’m 35). If you buy both, you’ll get free delivery.

Il Makiage 100 Foundation Blending brush review
Il Makiage ‘woke up like this’ on my skin – with spots, redness, lots of hyperpigmentation
Il Makiage 100 Foundation Blending brush review
After putting the foundation on – it’s covered a lot, and it’s still only a light coverage
Il Makiage woke up like this
Showing the foundation below my eyes – my forehead doesn’t have any on and you can see the difference
Il Makiage woke up like this
Don’t forget to blend into your ears and neck line with foundation brush 100
Il Makiage 100 Foundation Blending brush review
The finished result using Il Makiage’s foundation and concealer. Blush from Bodyshop
Il Makiage 100 Foundation Blending brush review
This is me after a 17 hour day – including sweating and walking in the rain!

Il Makiage’s Returns Policy

Il Makiage have a really great returns policy. If you answer the questions in their POWERMATCH which helps you find your colour, they offer a 60-day returns policy (normally 30 days).

In general, any product purchased through our shade-matching quiz(s) is eligible for a sixty-day return period.

see their FAQs here

See my full reviews here:

UPDATE: 1 March 2023

I’ve made another blog recently using both foundation and concealer, using the Il Makiage blender brush 100 and concealer brush 140. I haven’t put the full blog up yet; just the concealer one. Anyways some of the photos are ready, so I’ll post them below, as it shows more lighting.

The foundation is available here on Il Makiage’s website for £36. Use code ‘welcome10’ for 10% off!

Hope this blog has helped!

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