How To Dermaplane Easy At Home in 5 Simple Steps

I’ve dermaplaned my skin for years and I love it! Not only does it remove dead skin cells to make skin appear brighter, but it also removes the hair too, so anything you put on your face, like make-up, smoothes on better and stays on for longer.

Here’s how I use Estrid Dermaplaning Kit to get smooth skin. I use it once every few weeks and no, the hair doesn’t come back thicker/longer/darker.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
You get 3 in a pack for under a fiver – the top folds in for safety and is great for travel (as it takes up less space)
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit – you get 3 in a pack for under a fiver
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin

How do you start to dermaplane safely?

I practised on my leg first as it’s easy to nick yourself at the start when you aren’t familiar with how to use a razor. Your face has lots of small bumps and thin skin, so you need to be really careful. I still nick myself even now if I’m not paying attention.

I use the razor along with the hair – don’t go against the hair growth. Doing this you’re more likely to hurt yourself as there’s more resistance so it’s easier for the razor to move when it shouldn’t.

I usually start at the sides of my ears and slowly move back and forth until I get down to my chin on either side. I tend to do the fiddly bits (around my lips) last, as that’s when I’m most comfortable with the razor and less likely to nick myself.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit – smooth skin by arching the razor in a light, downwards motion
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Very comfortable to hold due to the nice shape of the tool
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
I mostly love to shave the sides of my face, which collects the most but I also use around my lips, and to help shape my eyebrows (I hate plucking)
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Look at all that fuzz!
Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
So satisfying!! As you can see, the hairs are very thin and whispy – they haven’t changed or gone darker/thicker since I’ve started dermaplaning

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from

How do you prep your skin?

I dermaplane after a hot shower so my pores are open, and I use soap or sometimes FaceTheory cleanser. I lather up the soap so it’s thick, then rub it gently into my skin. As the soap is thick, it stays on the parts I haven’t done yet, so it’s easy for me to see what skin I still need to do.

When I use soap, I can actually hear the hair being cut! Very satisfying if you like that kinda thing…

What about skincare afterwards?

If you have sensitive skin, you might need to moisturise lots afterwards as your skin might be sore. I personally don’t have sensitive skin, but I always make sure to use lots of moisturisers afterwards.

Does the hair grow back thicker, longer or darker?

I have light hair so it was never dark, but no, I can confirm it is the exact same as what it was before shaving. The colour is exactly the same, and so is the hair thickness. It doesn’t grow back longer either.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
Be gone, wisps!

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

I dermaplane because I don’t like my lil’ blonde moustache or whisps growing at the sides of my ears. I love to use the razor around my eyebrows too, to help to give them shape as I hate plucking.

It helps make-up go on smoother and stay on for longer. I’ve also noticed my make-up isn’t as patchy by the end of the day because my skin is smoother.

Estrid Dermaplaning Razor Kit - smooth skin
The fuzz grows back exactly the same as it did years ago before I started dermaplaning

Is dermaplaning the same as using a razor?

Yeah, they’re pretty similar, but dermaplaning is a closer shave so it takes off the top layer of skin too. It helps my makeup stay on for longer, and look better, because it’s being put on smoother, less bumpy skin.

How often do you dermaplane?

I shave every few weeks. I could probably go for a month. The hair doesn’t grow any longer either; it seems to grow to the same length then just stops.

What razor do you use?

I used to use cheapo Amazon razors but recently I’ve been using the Estrid starter kit razor (for legs etc) and found out they do dermaplane razors too so I bought some for £4.95 for 3, and you get free delivery.

Get it for £4.95 with free delivery from

See my Estrid starter kit blog here that I use on legs, etc. It’s different to this Dermaplaning razor.

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Removing make up with Chloe Morello’s Face Halo reusable face pad – honest review

I’ve followed Chloe Morello for a while and noticed her promotions for Face Halo makeup remover that you can use only with water. They are kind on skin as they are made of white fibre strands,

“100 times finer than human hair to remove and trap makeup”.

Around the edge they have a black rim made of satin which is soft to touch.


At $22 for a pack of 3, initially I thought they were expensive. But then I thought about it and considering makeup remover wipes are £2-3 for 20/30, is it really?

Considering you get “200 washes” out of each pad, not only is it better for the environment, it’s actually a cost-saving. It cost me £15.60 in total, so each one cost £5.20. You only need buy 3 packs of wipes and you’ve already gone over the price of 1 Face Halo. (That’s £0.26p per wash)  

The Body Shop cleansing butter is £10. They nearly always have discounts on their website. I got my latest batch with 25% off + free delivery.

My skin has improved

When I use this on my face, it feels lavish and like I’m actually treating my face each time. It doesn’t feel like it’s pulling on my skin and I never get any redness afterwards, proving how soft it is on my skin. Considering the skin around the eye is so delicate, this was really important to me. Especially as I’m moving into my 30’s, I need to take even more care of those soon-to-be wrinkles.

My skin has genuinely improved since using Face Halo. It’s so much smoother and looks fresher.


I don’t know what I expected, but considering I’ve been using them since the start of August, they are now looking – if being honest – quite gross. Every 2nd use I put them in the wash with my clothes then in the tumble dryer. I’ve never let the makeup sit on the Halo; I’ve always rinsed it after use. They are now stained which really puts me off using them.  The Face Halo website says:

If you give it a very quick hand wash right after using with warm water and soap the makeup will release easily.  If you leave it for a couple of days before washing it will take a little bit more time to release all the makeup.  In this case we like to rub two Face Halo’s together under warm water with some good soap (even a natural dish soap for heavier makeup), then throw into the washing machine!  

I have been doing this but they have still stained so I mustn’t have been doing it thoroughly enough. Maybe this is why they’ve bought out completely black Face Halos?


This will be my routine for a while. I absolutely love it. They go so well together. My face feels so clean I’ve actually stopped using moisturisers because my face doesn’t look like it needs it!

Update: 28 April 2019

I read up online how other fellow people are cleaning their Face Halos. From this advice I now:

  • clean after EVERY use – making sure it’s wet, I rub soap into the Face Halo. I rub the sides together to make a lather then after 30 seconds, I rinse. You’d be surprised at how much rubbish comes out.
  • I leave them on the radiator to dry in-between uses throughout the week
  • clean thoroughly in the main wash every week – I throw all 3 into my clothes wash each week.
  • I still use The Body Shop’s camomile on all my face but use a biodegradable wet wipe on my face and Face Halo on my eyes.

After a few months of getting a LOT of spots, I’ve stopped using Face Halo’s on my face. I just use them on my eyes, to remove mascara. After washing them with soap, I leave them on the radiator to dry. As it’s been warm, they haven’t been on, so they’ve been sitting there damp for a few days. This isn’t good, as bacteria loves damp conditions which could have been irritating my skin.

I’m not blaming these causing my spots, but since I’ve stopped using them on my face, I’ve noticed a small improvement. I still clean them as above, but I clean them much more thoroughly now.

Read about how I’m improving my spots and skin health.

Update: 16 February 2020

I’m still using (and loving) Face Halo – I got new ones for Christmas as I stopped using my previous ones due to their state! I’m being more rigorous now with my cleaning, making sure after each daily use I’m getting as much mascara out with soap as possible.

I was using The Body Shop’s Camomile cleansing butter with my Face Halo, due to reducing down the number of products I’m currently using on my skin, in an attempt to calm down my spots/acne. If you’d like to read more about other tips I’m doing to calm my skin, I’ve made a blog about it here. Face Halo gets rid of all my makeup without the need for the Camomile so it was an easy decision. I don’t have anything against the Camomile; it’s a great product, just not needed.

Update: 12 March 2021

Still using the same as above – using the pad on my whole face and the Body Shop camomile on my eyes only. I wash & re-use each pad once with soap (leaving on a radiator to dry in-between), then throw in the washing machine along with clothes. I clean my face with the pad first, then use it to get off mascara. I don’t use it on my eyes first as I don’t want to rub mascara all over my face!

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Birchbox ‘Cath Kidston’ Beauty Box April 2018

4/5 cruelty-free products this month from Birchbox!

This months box consisted of 5 products:

  1. ModelCo Baked Highlighter in Moonshine
  2. Beautaniq Beauty – Fill and Tame Brow Gel
  3. Cath Kidston Hand Cream
  4. Whish Shave Cream
  5. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

Within the box, I got a 25% off leaflet to spend at Cath Kidston.

ModelCo Baked Highlighter

It’s obvious I like a product when I don’t put it back in the Birchbox ready to look at it another day. That product this month is the highlighter by ModelCo. I got to choose out of 2 shades which I’d prefer – and I got my chosen one, ‘Moonshine’. I don’t know if it’s a sample size or full size but at 1.5g/0.05 oz, you don’t get much. Not a problem – who uses that much highlighter anyways? (hello Kardashians) It’s super shiny and goes on like a dream. I used an eyeshadow brush to apply it on my cheekbones (with a few strokes). It stayed on all day too.

The highlighter is NOT cruelty-free, so I personally wouldn’t buy it again – however, ModelCo is slowly going the cruelty-free way, as they have a Vegan section on their website….. check it out here:

Cath Kidston Hand Cream

After much Googling, I do believe this hand cream is cruelty-free. Fab fab fab!

The smell is beautiful and fresh; it made my hands feel extremely moisturized. Took about a minute to dry which isn’t a bad thing seeing as though I’m typing this after applying. A little seems to go a looooong way and the one I got is 30ml.

Beautaniq Beauty fill and tame brow gel

“Nourishing tinted brow gel”
This looks promising but I use Wunderbrow so I don’t think I’ll use this #soz (unless I run out ofc)

It has an icon on the tube which says cruelty-free – hurrah!

It looks like it’d be useful for those lazy days when I can’t be bothered to perfect my brows but want them styled, shaped and tinted.

Whish Shave Cream

Smells lush; smoothes on the skin like a dream and has a moisturizing effect; it’s slightly shimmery too. I got 22ml which, to be honest with my long legs and big thighs didn’t go far.

On the tube, it says, “tested on us, not animals” – another cruelty-free product! Amazing!

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

This illuminator is too dark for my skin but has amazing reviews online from ladies saying it, “enhanced my skin” and “gave me a fab healthy glow”. It can be used as a primer, which is handy as well as a moisturizer.

Even though it’s too dark for me, I gave it a whirl by adding it to some other white moisturizer (it helped dilute the colour making it lighter) and I could definitely see a glow. I only put it on my cheeks (as I have an oily forehead) and it made them look plump and fresh.

Cruelty-free again as confirmed on their website


Sign up and save £5 on your first box

Use my referral link ( to sign up, and get a fiver off your first box. You are welcome!

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How does Birchbox Beauty Box work?

I decided to start trialing Birchbox beauty box after using Look Fantastic’s beauty box for a little while. I was getting fed up of receiving moisturisers and face oils when I hadn’t even used up the ones from the previous month.

There are loads of beauty boxes around but Birchbox has an awesome looking website and that’s why I decided to go with them.


They ask for your details when you sign up, such as your skin type, so they can help tailor the products they send you. This is a BIG winner for me – I don’t want moisturiser for sensitive skin because I don’t have it – nor do I want frizz ease hair product because I don’t have frizzy hair. I want products tailored to me.

How does it work?

You buy the box each month and you get 5 products. The products can either be full or a smaller size. For each the products each month, you get these benefits:

  • 10% off full-size products sampled in your current and last months’ boxes (say you get a small size product in your box and use it up, you have time to purchase the full size from their shop and get a discount)
  • if you buy from their online shop there are usually discounts on other products or freebies to be had – make sure you check the site
  • if you review each item in your box within a time-frame, you get free delivery on your next box
  • if you sign up for 6 months you become a VIP which entitles you to more benefits (see below)

For all the benefits, check out here:

Here’s a photo from the Birchbox website detailing the benefits (there are lots to be had!!)

You get a discount if you review what’s in your box, so the awesomeness of that is because soooo many people have tried the products, there are plenty of reviews to read before you reach for your purse. You can use the site to buy products too even if you aren’t signed up to get the Beauty box.

I’ve had 3 boxes so far and I’ve found a handful of gorgeous products I’d happily buy.


Prices (at time of writing this post) are £10 per month plus £2.95 delivery for each Birchbox. For me this is a no-brainer – you get to try out products you wouldn’t normally; have them delivered to your door; get them tailored to you; get discounts if you find one you love; get other freebies if you review your box. The list of benefits is huge and a big winner as to why I signed up (and stayed) joined up!

I haven’t (unfortunately) been paid or received any goodies for this review. It’s from my own experience so you can believe it’s 100% honest. Whilst that’s 100% true, because I have an account with Birchbox they do ‘recommend a friend’ – sign up using this link and we BOTH get £5 off our box

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate facial oil – review

The potion comes in the most lovely box I’ve ever had the pleasure of opening. I’ve even kept it for my nail polishes.

The bottle itself looks expensive, and is a good size. There’s a attached to the lid which when squeezed, sucks up the serum into it. You then squeeze gently to release it. You only need 1-2 drops on each area of your face – I drop some on my forehead, and both cheeks, then massage in. It’s the most gorgeous smell and soaks in like a dream! It’s slightly greasy but soaks in quickly, and doesn’t make my face feel or look greasy. I’ve had it for about a month now, and I’m not even halfway down the bottle. So although it’s expensive to buy upfront, it lasts and lasts.

Has it actually made a difference to your face then, Rach?

Yes, it has! I put it on at night, before bed and after cleaning/toning. In the morning, my face is plump and soft. It’s not greasy in the slightest, but still has the faint smell of loveliness. If I have a spot, by morning it’s gone, all thanks to this bottle of magic.

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box – December 2016 #lfxmas

This month’s beauty box cost me £14.50 which is part of a 3-month renewal deal. In the box as well as the products, I got a magazine detailing the benefits of each product and how to use them.

I got 6 items:

  • Bubble T – “hibiscus & acai berry tea” bath fizzer
  • Balance Me – daily essentials pure skin face wash
  • Philip Kingsley – elasticizer
  • Mellow – ultra matt lipstick
  • Illamasque – hydra veil hydrating gel
  • CoQ10 + Caviar – face mask sheet

Bubble T – “hibiscus & acai berry tea” bath fizzer

Look Fantastic - bubble T

Balance Me – daily essentials pure skin face wash

Look Fantastic - balance me

Philip Kingsley – elasticizer

Look Fantastic - philip kingsley

Mellow – ultra matt lipstick

Look Fantastic - mellow lipstick

Illamasque – hydra veil hydrating gel

Look Fantastic - illamasque

CoQ10 + Caviar – face mask sheet

Look Fantastic - coQ10

Where to buy & discounts

If you decide to buy, feel free to use my ‘friends and family’ code for £5 off (if you’re a new customer) I get £5 off too. Here is my referral link:

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