Estrid – The Best Razor Subscription You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sick of buying disposable razors which are horrendous for the environment? I set out to find a good brand that offer a good-priced quality razor that I can trust… with my bits. Hurrah! I found them. They are Estrid:

A couple of points worth mentioning about Estrid that sets them apart from your usual razor brand:

  • they include vegan coating on the soothing strips
  • for every purchase, they donate to Women for Women charity
  • membership – first, you get the razor & some replacement blades. Then you choose how often you need replacement blades.
  • choose out of 5 (random) colours

My first order was £7.95 which included the razor + 2 blades + suction wall mount. This is literally HALF the price from Boots for a standard razor & spares (looking at you, Venus).

Estrid Starter Kit – in colour Bloom

My first order was £7.95 which included the razor + 2 blades and a wall mount.
so I always open parcels on my carpet when I’m excited

The packaging – it’s recyclable as it’s made from paper, which I like. You get a leaflet which tells you the benefits.

Estrid razor packaging
Estrid razor packaging – easily fits through letterbox
Estrid razor packaging
Cute lil leaflet adds to the brand!

Why did I choose Estrid?

I’ve been targeted with a few razors on Instagram lately but decided on Estrid due to:

  • the price – is pretty low and then future orders (just the razors) are a reasonable price and delivered at a time that suits me (every 3 months for example)
  • cruelty-free and vegan – some razors use animal products to make the strips smooth (did you know that? I didn’t) – not Estrid
  • I can easily manage my online subscription – I can cancel orders easily, request razors at different times if I need them sooner or want to push back a delivery
  • a nice-looking razor with a suction wall mount

I wasn’t massively excited by their choice of colours:

not a fan of any as I’m not into pastels – but appreciate they look cute

The colours are all a nice pastel shade and very girly. I went for baby pink, called Bloom. They’ve recently released blue which I’d have definitely gone for if it was out at the time.

UPDATE 12 July’23 – this is now the latest section of colours:

Estrid Razor review - close up
Estrid Razor review – close up in its wall mount
Estrid Razor review - close up
Estrid Razor review – pretty standard size

The razor itself – what’s it like?

The body is steel – it feels extremely well-made and expensive. I’m used to disposable razors which weigh next to nothing so holding this was a bit of a shock – it’s not light.

It has 5 blades and it has a smoothing strip above and below the blades. The light blue part feels very smooth; it reminds me of the floor in a swimming pool – slippery. It helps the razors glide smoothly over your skin. After using it a few times, I can definitely agree with this – it feels very smooth on my skin, there’s no pulling or tugging of hairs and even over my knees (where I usually get cuts) I haven’t cut myself once.

Estrid Razor review - close up of the blades
Estrid Razor review – close up of the individual blades

The wall mount

It’s pretty simple but I like it. It’s in the same colour as the razor and feels like its made of the same material – solid steel. It isn’t anything fancy – you wet the plastic part and push it against the wall which helps it grip. It has a small flap so if you need to move it, you can use the flap to bring it off the wall.

Estrid Razor review - close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review – close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review - close up of the wall mount
Estrid Razor review – close-up of the suction wall mount

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

Is it any good?

I’d say so, yeah – I like it a lot. Considering it cost £7.95 for the razor + 2 blades, then subsequent months it’s £9.99 for 4 blades (I’ve set mine at every 3 months) it’s a lot cheaper than razors such as Venus you can buy from supermarkets. Venus razors on range from £7 – £13, and a blade pack of 3 is around £8 – £10.

It’s smooth – as I’ve mentioned, it hasn’t cut my knees which usually happens, no matter how careful I am. It’s also great for getting into smaller, ahem, delicate areas. I trust it unlike the disclosable where I’d draw breath to brace myself before using.

It also looks cool, hanging on the wall, and doesn’t take up any bath-rim space.

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

UPDATE: 29 Dec 2023

I’ve been using it for nearly 2 months now and can honestly say, I really like it. It glides over skin; doesn’t leave me with red bumps and is easy to clean (I take the head off and clean it whilst showering). It isn’t easy to take off the wall holder whilst in the shower – the handle gets slippy when wet so it’s hard to pick it off the holder without the holder also coming off – this is the only negative so far.

UPDATE: 7 June 2023

Still using and loving! I replace the blade every so often but it lasts AGES. I’ve pushed back delivery a few times too, as I don’t need new blades. It’s easy enough to do on their website and they send a reminder email so I don’t feel they’ve been sneaky by not reminding me like so many brands do.

Want to try it for £7.95? Get the starter kit here >

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Beauty Pie Luxury Beauty Subscription Including Popular Makeup Products – My honest review

Beauty Pie sells luxury beauty products at a fraction of the price of high-end products on the market. I first saw them on Facebook as I was targeted with one of their ads. I didn’t buy straight away but kept a note of their brand and decided to try them once I’d run out of my current products.

All products are cruelty-free and some are vegan. Check out the individual ingredients listed on every product page.

At BEAUTY PIE, we do not believe in or authorize animal testing for our products or the ingredients that go into our products. This means we do not do animal testing, our suppliers do not do animal testing, nor do we pay people to do animal testing for us.
Each of our product information files contains a declaration from the supplier that their products are not tested on animals, and that the ingredients comply with the European Ban on Animal Testing.

From / April 2020

Beauty Pie Membership explained

A membership gives you access to buy products at a discounted price but you still have to pay for products on top of the membership fee, and the amount of products you can buy is capped depending on your membership.

If you buy a £10 per month membership, that gives you a £100 “spending limit” to buy products based on their full “typical price”, rather than the discounted member price.

If a moisturiser is normally £40 but with a membership it is £20, you will pay £20 plus a monthly membership fee, and the £40 will come off your £100 “spending limit” balance, leaving £60 left to “spend”. You can make as many orders as you like as long as you stay under the spending money amount. 

If this doesn’t make sense, go on their website and add a few things to your basket. Hopefully it will become clear. They give you access to products at a cheaper price with a membership, but stop you from buying too much because they want to keep you paying monthly for a membership. Memberships start at £10 (or £99 annual). 

I started with a £10 monthly membership for a minimum of 3 months. As I signed up as a new customer, I got extra spending limits (instead of the normal £100 per month) with this membership plan. I had to sign up for 3 months minimum, then I cancelled the membership because I’d bought all the products I wanted. Unlike other subscription services, cancelling was easy. I just emailed them and they replied to confirm my account was cancelled. I didn’t get any sales tactics which I appreciated. 

The membership will roll over, so if you don’t use all of your “spending limits” in a month, it will roll over to the next. So if you buy a membership in January costing £10, you will get £100 “spending limit”. If you don’t buy anything in January or February you will have spent £20 on membership fees but will have 2 months worth of spending money saved.

If you buy a £10 membership to get a £100 “spending limit” a month but you want a product that has a full price of £120, you’ll need to save your “spending limit” up, unless you buy a more expensive membership plan. 

To help you understand the pricing and membership, here is the receipt for my first order.

My ‘typical price’ came to £191 (£70 + £75 + £28 + £18) which was under the £200 I had to spend. I made my first purchase in December 2019.

For making my first-ever purchase and for signing up, I got a free £50 boost to my spending limit on top of my £100, making £150, which isn’t shown on the receipt, and free Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops. I also bought a £50 extra spending limit of £5 (shown on the receipt), so I had enough spending limit to buy everything I wanted. As mentioned I took out a 3-month membership at £10 per month which is shown as STANDARD PIE MONTHLY.

In total, I purchased £191 worth of products but because I am a member, I got them all at the members’ price which ended up being £40.61 including delivery. My spending limit for my first order was £200, so £9 rolled over into my next month.

I have purchased from Beauty Pie:

  • Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturizer
  • Super Healthy Skin™ Sheer Tinted Oil-Free SPF20 (Medium)
  • Smart Powder Blush (Shade : Go Rouge (A Pink-Orange))
  • Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops
  • Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion™

I’ve been impressed with the products. They’re lasting ages and I feel like they’re good quality. Even the bottles feel high-end & luxurious but the prices aren’t high at all. 

All of their products are cruelty-free.

Products review

Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion™

Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion™

Typical price – £70 / Members price – £11.94 (Members price has gone up since I bought it for £8.87 in December 2019

Hydration junkies – strap on your beauty helmets, because our JEJU DAILY AM/PM MOISTURE SUPERINFUSION™ might be the most mind-blowing face cream ever. Jeju Volcanic Sand gently blots shine from your oily spots, while a multi-active Hyaluronic-Acid hydrating complex transforms dull, dry skin to be positively dewy.

From / April 2020

I put a small amount on in the morning under makeup and before bed (with the Super Retinol). It’s thick but soaks in skin quickly and isn’t greasy. I absolutely love it. The texture is gorgeous and it smells lovely. I don’t normally like smells in things (I think it makes the product seem cheap) but I don’t mind this one at all as the smell isn’t strong and doesn’t linger. The pot for this is huge, so I doubt you’d use more than 1 a year! Really good value for money.

Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturizer

Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturizer

Typical price – £75 / Members price – £11.46 (Members price has gone up since I bought it for £8.82 in December 2019)

This superstar Swiss overnight formula has everything anti-aging in it _encapsulated retinol (resurfacing), ficucell vita (antioxidant), shea butter (nourishing) , vitamins E and C (elasticity+), ferulic and hyaluronic acid (plumping, hydrating), it’s super-smoothing, fine-line and wrinkle tackling, brightening, and we think this is possibly THE best retinol night moisturizer ever.

From / April 2020

I use this 2 or 3 times a week. Retinol dries my skin but this doesn’t as long as I don’t use it daily. I use it before bed so my skin can have a good rest. I use 2 pumps. It isn’t oily or greasy, it soaks in quickly. My skin is brighter after using this. I would buy it again.

Super Healthy Skin™ Sheer Tinted Oil-Free SPF20

Super Healthy Skin™ Sheer Tinted Oil-Free SPF20

Typical price – £25 / Members price £6.77 (Members price has gone up since I bought it for £5.50 in December 2019)

Imported from Italy, our Super Healthy Skin™ Tinted SPF20 delivers beautiful, natural, sheer coverage, sun protection, and a radiant all-day gorgeous soft-focus glow. Oil-free, fragrance-free, with a velvety skin finish, it’s probably the best multi-action BB Cream you can buy.

From / April 2020

I bought this in Medium but what a mistake! I re-ordered in Light after seeing myself in a mirror at work. Holy moly, it was too dark even for my olive skin. I use it usually instead of foundation if it’s a nice day or my skin is nice so I feel I can go without make-up. I’ve also worn it under make-up and I haven’t noticed any problems. I put it on with a brush and it blends well into my skin. I have an oily forehead which didn’t get worse (or better) by using this product. You only need a tiny amount.

The SPF is a great plus for this product (I’m 32 so taking more care of my skin these days!).

Smart Powder Blush, Shade : Go Rouge (A Pink-Orange)

Smart Powder Blush, Shade : Go Rouge (A Pink-Orange)

Typical price – £18 / Members price – £5.23 (Members price has gone up since I bought it for £4.06 in December 2019)

In just a sweep of a blush brush this unbeatable superlight formula lays down delicate, soft, second-skin colour that effortlessly mimics mother nature!
It’s got a smart, silky, slightly blurring, skin perfecting powder finish, infused with UV protective red-algae and biosaccharides.

From / April 2020

I love this blush. It stays on all day, blends in well and is a gorgeous colour. I would buy this again.

Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops

Plantastic™ Micropeeling Super Drops

Typical price – £50 / Members price £9.42 (Members price has gone up since I bought it for £7.62 in December 2019)

Well, a couple of drops of this every day, and you might be in awe of your own. The best thing for keeping breakouts at bay, skin looking bright, pores-refined and tight, our Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops are an easy, everyday addition to your skincare routine. Use once or twice a week for maintenance, or daily if you’re battling breakouts. With fruit-acids, micro-purifying biosurfactants, natural brighteners. It’s a 24/7 glow-giving one-serum wonder.

From / April 2020

I can’t say for sure my skin has reduced in acne due to this particular product (as I’ve been using others) but I’ve had no new breakouts for a whole month, even before my period which is usually when I get a lot. This liquid is super thin so absorbs extremely quickly. I put a few drops on before bed, along with the Jeju and retinol. The bottle is huge so I can’t see myself going through more than 1 a year! Really good value for money.

I’ve always used Vitamin E and Vitamin C products such as The Body Shop’s BB Cream and Skin Reviver because they help moisturise and keep skin from drying out. Another great primer I’ve used in the past is Mabel + Meg’s Lumilixir Serum which is amazing for under makeup. It targets acne too.

What are Pie Days?

Pie Days are days when you can order products that won’t be taken off your monthly spending limit. You get access to Pie Days a few times a year, but only if you’ve bought the annual membership (starting at £99 for £100 per month spending limit).

Overall review

Even though all of the products have increased in price (some by a whopping 28%) since I made my order in December 2019, the prices are low enough that Beauty Pie is worth trialling, even for a minimum of 3 months.

The products are so good you don’t need much, and with the size of the bottles/pots, you won’t need to purchase another for (I expect based on my experience) a year. I’ll update this blog when I run out of anything.

The wrapping is lovely – it makes me happy when I open a parcel that a company has gone to the trouble of wrapping. I’ve noticed in the Facebook comments a lot of customers are asking them to remove the brand logo from the paper so they can reuse, it to save on rubbish – what a great idea.

I will use Beauty Pie again to either buy the same or new products. I have my eyes on the Uber Boost Mascara, Vitamin C Moisturiser and Hair Volume Booster so watch this space – I probably won’t be able to resist.

Discount codes

Use my recommend a friend link below to get your first month for free (new customers only). I will also get an extra £50 boost – hurrah!

• • •

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Function of Beauty – Personalised Vegan and Cruelty-Free Subscription Hair Care – My honest review

Personalised shampoo & conditioner tailored to you and your hair care needs, delivered right to your door – what’s not to like?

They are called Function of Beauty and they are based in New York. Since I’ve bought off them back in 2019, they’ve expanded the range to include serums, masks, purple shampoo and more. I’ve used them on and off for years now – only stopping to give my hair a ‘break’ every few months, to stop my hair getting familiar with the ingredients and therefore the formula stopping working so well.

What I like is how the products are personalised and tailored to me. The bottles even have my name written on the side. I was able to choose the colours and smells I want. This is the first time I’ve ever tried personalised hair care, especially for this price (which is 100% worth it).

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. You put in your hair care concerns, and they ship your personalised products to you. You get a subscription, so you’re able to choose whether you receive new products in 3 months, 4, 5 etc but they remind you closer to the time, so you don’t get any surprise charges. You’re able to bring forward your delivery date, or push it back.

I personally choose different colours each time, to change things up a bit! I buy 3 sets a year, so 3x shampoo and 3x conditioner – you’ll see from my below photos that they both last months and months. It’s pretty pricey at first glance, but don’t let that put you off – once you divide down to how much it costs per use, it’s similar to what the cheap drugstore shampoos cost (but with tons better quality ingredients used in Function of Beauty!).

I have a “friends and family” code where we both get £5 off. Feel free to use mine here.

1. Choose your hair concerns – frizzy? Anti-aging?

A screen grab of FoB homepage

These are what I entered as my hair care concerns:

+ anti-frizz
+ volumize
+ fix split ends
+ lengthen
+ replenish hair

I wanted to give my hair some love and attention (and to get rid of the frizz underneath) I’m also having a lot of hair fall out, especially during and after a shower, so I thought giving my hair a boost would help. I’ve never bothered with buying expensive hair products before but I spend a lot on products for my face so I thought why not?

2. Personalise your bottles

You can choose your bottle colours, and choose what they smell like!

I chose blue for my shampoo and purple for my conditioner. I chose ‘peach’ as the smell and I can confirm they smell amazing – fresh but not overwhelming. The smell lasts the next day following a clean.

function of beauty - fragrance strength
function of beauty – you can choose the fragrance strength
My bottles personalised with my name ‘rach’ on the outside. I also got that cute little mirror as a welcome gift
Choose your shampoo and conditioner colours
Lots of fragrances to choose from – I usually go with peach

The final (but cutest) last bit of personalisation is your name. They ask for it in the account and print this on the sides of each bottle. I love this!

See my bottle photo where you can see my name!

Where do they stand ethically?

I’ll let Function of Beauty do the explaining. They are vegan and cruelty-free.

Taken from the FoB homepage. Don’t let the “Made in America” put you off – I wasn’t charged any import fees/taxes

How much are they?

I purchased both bottles, 1x shampoo + 1x conditioner, at 473mL/16oz each for £31.20 £28 each (shampoo & conditioner totals £56) including delivery providing you’re taking out the subscription.

Initially I thought “no way am I spending over 30 quid for shampoo”. Then I thought about it. £30 (just over) for 3 months…. £10 a month…. £2.50 a week to have my hair looking and feeling its best. Hmmm. I would happily spend £30 on a face moisturiser which would last about the same time. I’d also buy a pair of leggings for that price without much thought. Why wouldn’t I spend that on my hair?

My hair deserves some love, like the rest of my body. #fistpump

I have a “friends and family” code where we both get £5 off. Feel free to use mine here.

Is it any good?

I can honestly say I’ve never had so many compliments.

It’s embarrassing how shiny my hair is.


These 2 pictures are after blow drying (no straightening). It’s normally a frizzy mess underneath but has been tamed by the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner.

My hair is quicker to dry and style. When I wave my hair, the waves stay in longer and are bouncier.

Still a little frizzy but massively reduced
Function of Beauty- the result on my hair is shine overload
couldn’t find this pic on my phone so a screenshot of my Insta will have to do – look at that shine after curling!!

How long do the bottles last?

The bottles in total lasted me between 3-4 months! I received my order on 8 June 2019. When they arrived, I thought I’d smash through them within a few weeks. I wash my hair 3-6 times a week.

Here are the bottles exactly 1 month after arriving. I’ve used a third of the shampoo and slightly less conditioner.

8 July 2019: I’ve used just under 1/3 in just over 1 month (I’m on a 3-month subscription)

I use 3-4 pumps of the shampoo and 4 of the conditioner in every shower. I use the shampoo on my roots and the conditioner on my hair ends only. I have long hair, so I do use quite a lot of conditioner.

Hopefully by the time I finish the bottles, after 3 months, my new ones should arrive.

UPDATE: 1st Sept 2019 – after 3 months

I’ve used quite a bit more shampoo than conditioner. You can see they are far from finished – even though I’ve been using them both for 3 months.

3 months later – my 3-month subscription has covered me since June and there’s still plenty left!

UPDATE: 2nd Oct 2019 – 4 months later

I’ve just finished the shampoo. It has lasted me since 8 June, so in total just under 4 months. I never thought it would last this long. The expensive up-front cost is definitely worth it, considering how often I’ve washed my hair.

2 Oct’19: the shampoo has lasted just under 4 months!! I did NOT expect that

UPDATE: 18th Oct 2019 – 4.5 months later

I lasted as long as I could, but the conditioner has finally come to an end. Chuffed it has lasted over 4 months!

18 Oct’19 – the conditioner has finally come to an end – just over 4 months after being received!

Final thoughts after my first 3-month subscription has ended

I can’t believe how long they’ve lasted. The shampoo lasted just shy of 4 months; the conditioner lasted 4 months + 1 week. I never thought from using both 4-6 times per week they’d last this long.

I received my second subscription at the start of September which includes the same as above. I was given the choice via email a few weeks prior to change anything about my order – colours, smells, hair goals.

Due to not using up either within the 3 months, I’ve now set my subscription to be a little longer – 4 monthly to be exact. I’ve done this so I haven’t got bottles sat waiting for me at home; I can give my hair a break from Function (I don’t want my hair getting “used to” the formula so it stops working so well) and use other brands in-between.

Function of Beauty Benefits

I have a “friends and family” code where we both get £5 off. Feel free to use mine here. Remember to check out their website and social media before ordering because they often have freebies/discounts. I’ve used it with a work colleague and it works (she loves it).

UPDATE: 12 March 2021

I’ve just re-ordered. I like to switch what I use on my hair up every once in a while, so it doesn’t stop being effective.

UPDATE: 23 Jan 2022

Just re-ordered again! This time blue shampoo and light blue conditioner. Love to try the different colours.

UPDATE: 14 June 2023

Just reordered again! 🙂 I’ve noticed they’ve increased the price so I’ve updated that section above.

• • •

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This is my beauty website where I review lots of different products, from make up, to CBD coffee and vegan moisturiser. I've been using products for over 20 years, so I hope I've gathered some tips and tricks to share, plus I'm always learning so I'll be sharing them too. I have oily-skin, that's acne prone, so join me as I navigate this new age being a millennial!